These are the crafting recipies for all the mod items (so far).

Ignition ClothEdit

Ignition cloth is crafted using string and blaze powder in this pattern it is used to make it, it is used to create Flame Alchemy Gloves.

Ignition Cloth Crafting

Ignititon Cloth Crafting

Flame Alchemy Ignition ClothEdit

This is the bit of ignition cloth that actually does the alchemy, it is a shapeless crafting recipie using rose red dye, a flame alchemy transmutation circle and a piece of ignition cloth. In future this will be done in it's own gui.

Flame Alchemy Ignition Cloth Shapeless Crafting

Flame Alchemy Ignition Cloth Crafting

Flame Alchemy Glove (OP)Edit

This is a glove that lets you use flame alchemy (shoot fireballs), it is crafted with normal Ignition Cloth and Flame Alchemy Ignition Cloth. In future using it will deplete your energy levels (new hud to add) a lot so it will not be as over powered.

Flame Alchemy Glove Crafting

Flame Alchemy Glove crafting

Chalk BlockEdit

This is how to craft the chalk block using pieces of chalk incase you want to use it for building.

Chalk Block Crafting

Chalk block crafting